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Force All Pages to Load Over HTTPS (SSL)

If your server runs Apache, add this code to your .htaccess file to force all pages to load over HTTPS: # BEGIN Force HTTPS RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L] # END Force HTTPS

Disable Follower Count for Twitter Widget Pro

Add this function to your functions.php file to disable follower count for Twitter Widget Pro: function twp_hide_follower_count( $attributes ) { if( !empty( $attributes['class'] ) && 'twitter-follow-button' == $attributes['class'] )...

Load post images over HTTPS

Add this to your functions.php file to load all images in your post content over HTTPS: function load_images_https( $content ) { $content = str_replace( 'src="http:', 'src="https:', $content ); return $content; }

How to Customise the Divi Theme Blog Layout

There are many ways to customise the Divi theme blog layout but when I tried the built-in options, they just didn’t deliver the results I wanted for our blog. The method I’m going to show you involves a bit more work but gives you much more control over the design and...

5 Ways to Stop Your WordPress Site Being Hacked

If you haven't had your WordPress site hacked yet, believe me you don't want to. Not only could being offline for just a matter of hours eat into your revenue; search engines could pick up the content changed by the hack (you don’t sell cheap Viagra do you?!),...

3 Reasons You Should Use WooThemes with WooCommerce

So you want to use WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin to power your ecommerce store, but you’re struggling to pick a theme? First off, whatever theme you use must be compatible with the plugin. There’s no point using an off-the-shelf theme if you need to hire a...

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